Chris Hadfield's cover of Space Oddity onboard ISS taken down from YouTube

One year ago, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield uploaded one of the most amazing cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” to Youtube. The music video is literally out of this world because it was recorded onboard the International Space Station.
But unfortunately, the video has been taken down. According to Chris Hadfield, they only had permission to use the video for one year. It took NASA, Russia’s space agency ROSCOSMOS and the Canadian Space Agency several months to negotiate the one year deal with David Bowie’s representatives. In that one year, the video received more than 22 million hits.
Ironically, if Chris Hadfield had recorded the song and sold it on CD or MP3, there will be no need for him to get a license. Neither will David Bowie’s representatives be able to remove it as there is a compulsory license for cover songs.
It is unfortunate that this amazing music video has been taken down. The video gives us a rare glimpse into the ISS and life onboard. It pays homage to the original song by putting it in space. Perhaps the takedown of this video will eventually become the best example of the absurdity of Copyrights. Has the world become a better place now that the video has been taken down?
But thanks to the power of internet and Streisand Effect, the video can still be found if you search on YouTube. Or you can watch Chris Hadfield performing Space Oddity on earth or parody of the video. Interestingly, those version are not subjected to the same copyright rules that force Chris Hadfield to take down the ISS version.

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