Beware of Singapore Company Register

I’ve blogged about this last November. Lately I notice a lot of people are getting letters from Data Register Pte Ltd (formerly known as Company Register Pte Ltd) again. The letter goes something like this.
The letter above might seem like a official letter from a Government agency but it is not. It is actually just a marketing mailer.
This letter is not from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). ACRA had issued two public alerts in November last year and January this year saying that ACRA has no links to Data Register Pte Ltd.
You are not obliged to register with the Singapore Company Register database. It is actually ok if your company’s information is deleted from the Singapore Company Register database. This database is different from the BizFile database managed by ACRA.
Do note that there is a S$490 annual fee if you choose to register with Singapore Company Register database. My advice to all business owners is to read the letter carefully.

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