Desperados – World’s first tequila flavoured beer

There is a new beer in town. Desperados, the world’s first and leading tequila flavoured beer is now in Singapore. With an unique combination of gold-coloured, full-bodied lager beer and a kick of tequila flavour, Desperados has a distinct taste of light bitterness and refreshing citric notes. Don’t be intimidated by the 5.9% ABV. Desperados is surprisingly easy to drink even the ladies will love it.
First launched in 1995 in France, Desperados has become a forerunner in the new flavoured beer segment with presence in 70 countries around the world today. Globally, it is exceptionally well-received, with double-digit growth in the last six years accelerated by its growth in key markets.
Desperados is available in its signature 33cl long neck, thick glass, embossed transparent bottle at leading party bars, pubs and nightclubs like Zouk, Attica and Pump Room; and convenience stores and supermarkets like FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage.

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