Singapore YouthSpark Kids Camp @ Microsoft

Microsoft hosted 480 kids and parents at its Singapore office last weekend, giving them a fun introduction to the latest technology, smart photo taking and even making their own games at the first ever Singapore YouthSpark Kids Camp @ Microsoft.
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Hands-on activities were led by Microsoft volunteers to guide participants, between the ages of five to thirteen, through a range of technological activities. They not only saw the latest technology, and also took their first steps towards building their own programs through’s Hour of Code challenge and Microsoft Kodu Game Lab, which lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. The young participants programmed and played games that they have created on their own with the smart game coding track. In the smart photo taking activity, the kids first discovered how they can make photos pop with new tricks for capturing, editing and sharing photos from the phone and took it a step further by building interactive worlds with photos through the Photosynth app.
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Computational thinking is a critical skill set. Experts suggest that at least two-thirds of future jobs do not exist today and may likely require this ability. Introducing coding to Singaporeans, who in a recent LinkedIn survey ranked technology as one of the top industries they are interested in, helps groom our future technology professionals.
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Part of Microsoft’s YouthSpark global commitment to empower youth, the YouthSpark Kids Camp @ Microsoft builds on the coding momentum started with the #WeSpeakCode campaign earlier this year. #WeSpeakCode seeks to make “Code – the official Second Language of Asia Pacific” and has been supported by stars such as Stefanie Sun and Eunice Olsen. It provides a taste of what coding is, demonstrates how accessible learning coding can be, and celebrates all the professional coders across the region.

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