Freedom of speech

Some people are saying that the opposition supporters does not respect the freedom of speech after a Pro-PAP speaker was being boo-ed off stage last weekend during the protest to ask PM Lee to step down.
Watch the video first.

Is it fair to say that those people attending has no respect for freedom of speech?
Let’s put this into context. The protest at Hong Lim Park last weekend is to ask PM Lee to step down. Personally I think PM Lee is doing an OK job. But I respect the protesters’ freedom of speech. That’s why I didn’t go Hong Lim Park last weekend. I do not agree with them but I respect their freedom of speech.
It is their event. Their chance to express their displeasure. Not all of us may agree with them. But they have their freedom of speech. Let them have it. By voicing your support for PM Lee at that event is to deny them of their freedom of speech. That is not a public forum or town hall meeting. It is a protest. People travel all the way to Hong Lim Park to show their displeasure. Do not deny them their rights to do so.
Some people said those who boo-ed the speaker off stage do not respect freedom of speech. I disagree. I say that the speaker himself does not respect freedom of speech.
If he want to talk about his support for PM Lee, he can apply for a permit to speak at Hong Lim Park on another day. It is his rights to do so and I’m sure nobody from the opposition will stop him from doing that. He should not be doing that at a protest against PM Lee. That is just disrespecting other’s freedom of speech.
There is a time and place for everything. I hope Mohammed Bashir will get it right next time.

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