25th anniversary of Firewall

Firewall recently celebrated its 25th birthday. The first firewall was created in 1991 to combat computer viruses and Internet worms. Over the years, as attacks and malware have become more sophisticated, the firewall has had to develop and grow with each security breach that has been discovered.
However, it was not until 2003 that the concept of a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) would be introduced. A mere 10 years after the conceptualization of NGFW, McAfee was already ahead of the competition with their own NGFW development efforts.
For McAfee, its solution combines anti-evasion security with enterprise-scale availability and manageability. In addition, it is also flexible – with the ability to change from a NGFW to a L2 firewall, IPS, and firewall/VPN.
history of the firewall infographic_FINAL

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