Cheers to 34

I don’t remember how I end up sleeping on my bed last night. I was surfing net till late as usual. Then I decided to lie on my bed while playing some mobile games. Then next thing I knew, it’s morning.
I had a few bottles of Hoegaarden waiting in the fridge for me to celebrate another year of existence in this world. I guess that have to wait. Maybe it’s also good since I’m having some never ending cough for the past few weeks. (Wait…. come to think of it, maybe the beer will help cure the cough.)
And to make things worse, I woke up after 11am. Which means I missed my usual birthday ritual of having McDonalds breakfast. Damn.
Well, luckily there are places out there that serve all day breakfast. May not be the best all day breakfast I’ve tried but well, better than nothing. Sometimes you can’t have the best in the world. Just have to make do with what you have. Life is not perfect but you can make it better by not expecting everything to be perfect.
And most importantly, be thankful for what you have.
So cheers to 34. Doesn’t matter what drink I’m holding now. At least there is still a drink in my hand.

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