LEGO "Catch The Crooks" Event

HEIST ALERT!! LEGO City is under attack by the Master Crook! No one knows who this elusive mastermind is, but word has it that he has been lurking around the city, plotting crazy heists at every turn.
Every weekend from 4 October to 26 October, at various Toys ‘R’ Us locations island wide, children are invited to join the ranks of the LEGO City Police as Cadets at the LEGO BRICKBUSTA event. The ‘Catch The Crooks’ Event will give children aged 5 to 12 years old a chance to be real-life detectives, locate suspicious crooks, build the most creative LEGO City Police Car ever and keep it.
Cadets that successfully complete both activities will stand a chance to receive a LEGO City Police poster signed by a team of LEGO designers.

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