Workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore

Apple haven’t officially launch Apple Pay in Singapore yet. But my friend Vishnu managed to find a workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore (and most likely rest of the world too).

Firstly, you must have a US Credit Card or Debit Card. Apple Pay won’t accept local Credit Cards for now since it is not officially launched in Singapore. To enable Apple Pay, go to Settings > General > Region and change your region to United States. You should be able to see the Apple Pay option inside your Passbook after you restart your phone. Enter your US Credit Card or Debit Card details and you are ready to use Apple Pay.
Apple Pay works with any Contactless Payment Terminal like Visa payWave.
WARNING: This is a workaround. Try at your own risk. Apple Pay is not officially launched in Singapore at this moment. Apple might block this workaround anytime. And not all cashier knows about Apple Pay so some of them might not allow you to point your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus at their Contactless Payment Terminal. Try at your own risk. If it works, then good for you. If it doesn’t, just be patient. Apple will launch Apple Pay outside US eventually.
But it is interesting to note that the existing Contactless Payment Terminal we have in Singapore works with Apple Pay. This means that Apple can launch Apple Pay in Singapore (and rest of the world) easily after getting approval from the local authorities. And after seeing how easy and convenient Apple Pay is, I personally can’t wait for Apple to launch Apple Pay here.


  1. The problem is not with the authorities, but with the card issuing banks. Apple pay sends a token (I.e. Fake credit card number) to the terminal. For this to work, the issuing bank needs to have the ability to process the token and charge the correct credit card account. Currently only a selection of US credit card providers are set up to do this.

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