Toshiba Ultra HD TV with Android

If you are looking for a new smart TV, you might want to check out the new Toshiba L94 series Ultra HD TV. Unlike most smart tV in the market, the Toshiba L94 series Ultra HD TV doesn’t use their own proprietary software. Instead, it is running Android 4.4.
This means that the Toshiba Ultra HD TV can do almost anything that your smartphone or tablet can do. It also means that there are tons of apps for you to choose from in the Google Play Store. User interface is very intuitive since it is running Android. The supplied remote control has a directional stick that allows you to navigate the screen easily. And since this is Android, you can also pair a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse.
The display from the Toshiba Ultra HD TV is beautiful. Toshiba uses a CEVO 4K Engine which incorporate a suite of advance image enhancement function such as 4K Resolution+ which produce great image quality. You need to see it for yourself to experience it.
The Toshiba L94 series Ultra HD TV with Android is available in 50, 65 and 84 inch models.

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