Apple releases tool to disable iMessage for former iPhone owners

Those who switch away from iPhone often encounter issue with iMessage. iMessage, for the uninitiated, lets iOS 5 and above users communicate with each other over data instead of their telco’s SMS bundle. The system works great until the user decide to leave iOS for another mobile OS. There were reports that some users couldn’t receive message send from another iPhone user after they change their mobile OS.
One of the solution is to turn off iMessage on the old iPhone before switching to the new phone. But some users said even this method does not solve the problem.
I always joke that the best solution to the issue is to go back to using iPhone again. But hey, Apple recently released a tool to help former iPhone owners disable iMessage.
The new tool includes step by step instructions for de-registering iMessage for users. Do try it out if you are switching mobile OS and let me know if it works.

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