Control the music on your Uber ride with Spotify

Spotify and Uber are partnering to let you control the music during your ride. When you request a Uber car, you’ll be able to choose the music you want to hear on the journey. When your ride arrives, your tunes will be playing on the car’s speakers. How cool is that?
If you are matched with a music-enabled Uber when you request for a ride, the music bar will appear at the bottom of the Uber app. You can choose music from Spotify’s ready-made playlist, your playlists or search for something new. You can even control the music wireless either from the Uber or Spotify app until you arrive your destination.
The new Uber and Spotify integration will be available to all Uber and Spotify Premium users on iOS and Android from 21 November 2014 in 10 cities. The 10 cities include: Singapore, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. The integration will continue to roll out globally over the coming weeks.

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