LEGO Avengers Helicarrier coming soon?

LEGO recently released a video for the LEGO Creator Detective’s Office & Barber Shop (10246) on YouTube. It is a beautiful set. But beside that, some sharp eyes fans notice something else. At the 8 seconds mark of the video, there is an image that seems to looks like the Avenger Helicarrier.
Can’t see it? It’s in the letter ‘G’.
Does that look like the front of the Avengers Helicarrier?
The Avengers Helicarrier was submitted to LEGO Ideas and received the required 10,000 supporters. Right now it is under the review stage. Could it be possible that the Helicarrier has been approved and we will be seeing a video of it soon? Well, your guess is as good as mine. LEGO Marvel Superheroes fans, keep your fingers crossed.

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