Android malware circulating via SMS

There is a Android malware circulating via SMS as we speak now. The SMS goes something like this “XXX Is this your photo?” where XXX is the receiver’s name. DO NOT CLICK on the URL.
If you receive this SMS from your friend, that means your friend’s phone has been infected by the malware.
If you click on the URL, it will download and install an Android App call PhotoViewer.apk. This malware will go through your address book and send the SMS to all your contacts. To remove the malware, use F-Secure Mobile Security (30-day free trial) from the Google Play store. It will detect and prompt you to remove the Photo Viewer malware.
If I’m not mistaken, iPhone users are safe from this malware. For Android users, if you set your security settings to only allow apps from trusted sources, you are safe too.
Do not click on any URL if you are not sure where it leads to. If your friend suddenly send you a URL out of the blue, ask him/her what’s the URL first before clicking. Always check before clicking. You never know when your friend might be infected with a malware.


  1. Thank you for this informative post! However, I had unwittingly clicked on the link on my Windows phone. Do you think my phone is infected (although I think the download was not complete) or is this malware exclusive to android devices only?

  2. HXL: You should be safe. It is an Android malware. Don’t think it will work on other OS. But to be safe, you should go to your file manager to search for “PhotoViewer.apk” and delete it.

  3. Am i safe aft deleting the apk txt file in my file manager and running a scan from malwarebytes? I am an android user and i clicked on the link

  4. Robin: I’m not familiar with malwarebytes. To be safe, I suggest you download F-Secure Mobile Security and do a scan. It’s free for 30 days.
    Also, remember to inform your friends not to click on the URL.

  5. Hi Robin, yes you will be same safe with Malwarebytes Anti-malware Mobile installed.
    Always be suspicious of apps that want to install via SMS message. Install Android apps from a trusted source like Google’s Play Store. If prompted to install an app via SMS or web URL cancel and delete the APK.

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