World renown tattoo artist cuts her three year wait list and tattoos two Singaporeans

As part of Tiger Beer’s new Uncage identity, two lucky Singaporeans were given the chance of a lifetime to surpass a three year wait-list and get inked by one of the best tattoo artists in the world, Joey Pang. Joey is the world’s only professional Chinese calligraphy tattoo artist and cited as one of the top tattoo artists in the field.
Nicholas Tan 4
28 year old sports entrepreneur Nicholas Tan and ​​30 year old educator Alwin Song were given the amazing opportunity to get tattooed by Joey at Joey Pang’s Tattoo Temple recently.

Nicholas chose the chinese word “en ai” as his tattoo which represent a deep love for those who matters the most to him.
Nicholas Tan 5
Nicholas Tan 6
Alwin Song chose to tattoo the word “Hai Kuo Tian Kong”, one of the classic song from his all time favourite band, Beyond.
Alwin Song 3
Alwin Song 4
When one thinks of tattoos, the words that pop to mind are more often than not ‘edgy’ or ‘unorthodox’ – not as much ‘peaceful’ or ‘calm’ – but this alternative view is what Joey aims to espouse. Her art brings forth a different energy, with her skills flawlessly transferring Chinese calligraphy onto skin. Where her works are often referred to as living, moving art, Joey melds heritage and tradition with a flourish of modernity – in a way, preserving these calligraphic techniques from decades past. Joey is truly a living testament that “life is about following the fire inside you” and with that, you will succeed.
Joey Pang 2
Joey Pang was one of three Asian heroes showcased by Tiger at the launch of ‘Tiger Uncage’, beside director/producer Anthony Chen and stunt actor Charlie Ruedpokanon, whose personal journeys to success embody Tiger’s ‘Uncage’ proposition – to step beyond the boundaries of convention and pursue your passions.

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