LG donates solar powered refrigerators to rural communities in Africa and South America

Twenty solar powered refrigerators equipped with Smart Inverter Compressors were donated to local communities in Africa and South America as part of LG Electronics’ partnership with the non-profit organization World Vision Kenya as well as the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation of Peru.
LG Solar Refrigerator
These donations specifically targeted areas where the refrigeration of important items like vaccines, medication and food for children and the elderly is essential, but difficult to maintain.
Thanks to LG’s innovative Smart Inverter Compressor, the solar refrigerators can run entirely on power from the sun, with no additional power source. The solar power system consists of solar panels, controllers and a battery so that the refrigerators can operate even in at night and in cloudy weather. LG refrigerator with its innovative Smart Inverter Compressor is 36 percent more energy efficient than conventional models.

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