#YearOnTwitter Singapore 2014

This year, people in Singapore and across the world came together in moments of celebration, protest, mourning and joy. Many Tweeters contributed to the moments and conversations that unfolded on Twitter with more than 500 million Tweets send every day.
The most retweeted Tweet of 2014, aka Golden Tweet, is the Oscar selfie by Ellen DeGeneres.
The Golden Tweet for Singapore in 2014 was a feel-good Tweet by @MuhdHaidee, an everyday guy’s message about how everyone needs a hug when they’re sad, striking a chord with other Singaporean Twitter users with over 18,000 retweets spreading the message of support on Twitter.
Twitter is like the second screen for many Singaporeans. That’s why it is no surprise that some of the top 10 fastest-rising Twitter hashtag trends in Singapore were from award ceremonies like People’s Choice Awards (#PeoplesChoice), and MTV Hottest (#MTVHottest). There were also several football related hashtag like Liverpool (#YNWA) and FIFA World Cup (#WorldCup).

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