DK’s Tech Prediction for 2015

OK, I’m kinda late this year for my Tech Prediction. No no…. don’t worry. I’m still doing my annual Tech Prediction even though we all know how much I suck at this. But hey, its for the fun of it. I can make those safe prediction and get all correct. But what’s the fun.
So here goes……
Apple Watch will start a wearable craze
We all know that Apple Watch will be released this year. Although I’m not entirely impressed by it, I have this feeling that Apple Watch will kickstart a wearable craze just like how iPhone start a smartphone craze and iPad start a tablet craze.
Windows 10 given as a free update to Windows 8 users
Following Apple’s footsteps, I think Microsoft will also be giving out their next Operating System, Windows 10, as a free update for all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users.
BlackBerry exit smartphone business
The mobile operating system battle is over with iOS and Android winning. BlackBerry has been struggling for a while ever since the rise of iOS and Android. I think 2015 is the year you’ll see BlackBerry raising the white flag and concentrate on other business.
Microsoft to release an Android phone
I know this is going to be a bit far fetch especially after Microsoft bought over Nokia’s mobile division. But I think there might be a chance that Microsoft release a phone running Android. And I’m not talking about something like Nokia X2. I mean something running the latest version of Android. It will have the latest Microsoft software and services like Office, Skype, SkyDrive etc etc.
More under S$200 smartphone to challenge Xiaomi
Xiaomi really got everyone’s attention by launching the Redmi at below S$200 without contract. I think we will see some of the Android phone makers fighting back with their version of under S$200 smartphone without contract. And the specs will be pretty attractive.
APS-C point and shoot camera
Here’s a wild prediction. We all see how 1 inch sensor product great images for point and shoot camera like Sony RX100 Mark III. I guess one camera maker will push the envelope and put a APS-C size sensor on a point and shoot. It’s going to be expensive but will produce great image and at compact size.
Another company become victim of a major security breach
2014 saw a major security breach at Sony Pictures. Until now, we are still not sure who is behind the hack although FBI said North Koreans are involved. After the security breach, countries around the world start to beef up their online security. But I think we will see another company fall victim of a major security breach like Sony Picture even though everyone have increased their security.
Apple Pay comes to Singapore
I guess Apple will bring Apple Pay to more countries in 2015. Since Singapore is always on tier one launch for iPhones and iPads, I think Singapore should be the next wave of countries getting Apple Pay.
Singapore government to regulate the use of drones
As drones become cheaper and easily available, I think we will start seeing more people using drones in Singapore as a hobby and commercially. This will make the regulators come up with a set of regulations for use of drones in Singapore.
Cyber Monday become a big thing in Singapore
We are already seeing countries outside US having Cyber Monday. Here in Singapore, we do have some websites taking part in Cyber Monday and offering attractive deals. I think 2015 is the year where lots of major local shopping website take part in Cyber Monday.
Disclaimer: These predictions are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

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