Sennheiser new SPORTS headphone range

Sennheiser is showcasing its new products at the 2015 International CES including the new SPORTS headphone range featuring cutting-edge designs based on the latest scientific research into the impact of extreme movement on sound quality, comfort and fit.
The MX 686 SPORTS and PMX 686 SPORTS feature open acoustics, giving a better awareness of external sounds that is ideal for outdoor sports such as running. Meanwhile, the CX 686 SPORTS’ and OCX 686 SPORTS’ closed ear-canal designs are perfect for indoor exercise to shield out the noise distractions in environments such as gyms.
All headphones in the SPORTS range are durable, lightweight and water-resistant with ergonomic designs that conform to the ear and allow maximum freedom of movement, while minimising noise from wind or from contact with the body or clothing.

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