Fireworks at Jurong Spring

My neighbourhood had a fireworks display last Friday evening to celebrate the completion of a multi-storey carpark near the wet market plus completion of upgrading plus lunar new year bazaar opening plus pioneer generation appreciation dinner.
This is not the first time we had a fireworks display in the neighbourhood. We had one in 2013 for National Day Observance Ceremony. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to take photos of fireworks that is not at Marina Bay. Its a good change of location.
Well, the fireworks is nothing compared to NDP or New Year Eve fireworks. But it is still pretty good this time. I managed to find a good spot at the top floor of the newly completed multi-storey carpark. It was a great evening to shoot fireworks with wind blowing the smoke away from where I’m standing. Very happy with my photos.

OH, and this is how I position my tripod. Kinda weird positioning. My aim was to get my camera as close to the edge as possible and this is the only way I can think of. Well…. it does the trick well.
Photo 16-1-15 10 04 32 pm

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