Stop Facebook Freebooting

Every since Facebook start auto-playing video and priorities videos uploaded directly onto Facebook, there has been an increase in people who rip videos from YouTube and upload to their own Facebook page.
I’m disgusted by this. I’m sick and tired of seeing my favourite YouTuber’s video being ripped and uploaded to Facebook. This is a clear copyright violation. These unethical Facebook page owners are denying the YouTuber from the ad revenue they deserved. They don’t even credit the original content creator.
Facebook is not doing enough to stop this. The process to report copyright material is slow and there is no additional actions taken against repeat offenders.
I cannot say this better than Destin from SmarterEveryDay. Check out the video.

And since Facebook is not doing enough to stop Facebook Freebooting, we need to do something. If you see any video ripped from YouTube, do a screenshot, comment on the post and contact the original video creator. Let’s hope we can bring a stop to Facebook Freebooting.
And hey, if you haven’t subscribed to SmarterEveryDay on YouTube, you should do that now. One of the most educational and entertaining YouTube channel out there.

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