UK folding plug on Indiegogo

Remember the amazing UK folding plug concept back in 2009? Now is your chance to get your hands on the UK folding plug at Indiegogo.

The Mu System is not just for UK plug. It also comes with separate plug attachments that are suitable for every socket type worldwide. It has a 2.4Amp single port USB charger to charge your smartphone, tablets or other USB-charged devices. All these at just 14mm thick. Great for travelers or mobile warrior.
The Mu System is now on Indiegogo. Simply pledge US$49 for the MU System with 2.4Amp USB power unit with 4 interchangeable plug heads.


  1. It looks great, but its a bit pricey US$49!
    When I’m travelling for work can just charge from laptop. If I’m on vacation I need to charge all manner of gadgets like camera batteries so still need a universal adapter anyway!

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