Name our new Littoral Mission Vessels

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has commissioned eight new Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs) to replace the current fleet of Fearless-class Patrol Vessels will reach the end of their operational lifespan.
These vessels, constructed here in Singapore, can be quickly configured to address a wide range of mission requirements ranging from search and rescue operations to naval combat. The LMVs are built to operate further yet fast and agile for tight manoeuvres. The 80 meters long and 12 meters wide LMVs are capable of max speed 27 knots. With its unique Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) launch and recovery system and the ability to carry helicopters, the LMVs can deploy swift and potent responses against threats.
As part of the RSN tradition, the public is invited to name the Navy’s future Littoral Mission Vessels.
The RSN’s LMV naming competition is open from now till 15 March 2015. The winners who choose the best names for the eight LMVs will stand to win up to S$3,000 in cash prizes. The winning entries will reflect a number of important characteristics, including the purpose and capabilities of the LMVs, the vessels they are replacing, as well as the history and tradition of the RSN.
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