Get your name printed on a Coca-Cola can

The world-famous “Share a Coke” campaign has arrived on our island. For the first time in Singapore, Coca-Cola cans and bottles will feature nicknames and phrases in place of the iconic Coca-Cola logo, to inspire people to share a Coke with those around them.
From now until the end of August, Coke, Coke zero and Coke light cans and bottles will feature commonly-used Singaporean terms such as “Auntie”, “Uncle”, “Ah Boy” and “Chiongster”; colloquial nicknames such as “BFF”, “Bestie”, “Babe” and “Bro”; classic expressions such as “I Love You” and “You’re the Best” , and favourite Singlish phrases such as “Gam Siah”, “Relak Lah” and “Chiong Ah”.
And if that’s not enough, here’s an opportunity for you to create customised Coca-Cola cans at “Share a Coke” roadshows taking place across Singapore over the coming months. Simply spend $10 on Coca-Cola trademark products (regular Coke, Coke light and Coke zero), show your receipt at the “Share a Coke” roadshows and they will print your personalised can of Coca-Cola on the spot.
I couldn’t resist getting one for myself. Lol.
Photo 27-4-15 9 44 45 pm
That was fun. You can get yours too at the “Share a Coke” roadshows. Check out their website for the roadshow schedules.

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