Zhao Wei and Wang Sen in Singapore to promote Tiger Mom

The star cast of Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> comprising of Chinese A-lister Zhao Wei (赵薇), Wang Sen (王森), and Executive Producer Huang Lan (黄 澜) were here in Singapore to promote their newest TV drama on STAR Chinese Channel.
Tiger Mom, (L-R) Wang Sen, Zhao Wei, Huang Lan (credit to STAR Chinese Channel)
Premiered in a global simulcast last Sunday, Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> continues to garner high ratings in China and in Singapore. The series marks Zhao Wei’s highly-anticipated return to the screen after a 6-year hiatus, the drama explores love, relationships and the challenges of raising a child in modern day China.
Playing as a type-A ‘tiger mom’ in the show, the 39 year old star shared that as a mother herself, she can understand the tough competition parents and children face in today’s education rat race.
Tiger Mom, Press Conference, (L-R) Wang Sen, Zhao Wei (credit to STAR Chinese Channel) (3)
Dressed in a cream-coloured dress, Zhao Wei expressed her thanks to Singapore audiences for their supportive tune-ins to Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸>. She said that the story, which follows around a happy couple and their young daughter who has just started school and seems to be falling behind her peers, is a theme that many Singapore audiences can easily relate to.
Wang Sen, who plays a playful brother to Zhao Wei’s character in the series, shared that it is his first time in Singapore and he is thinking of staying for a few days to explore the island.
Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> is airing on STAR Chinese Channel (卫视中文台), Singtel TV Ch. 507 and StarHub TV Ch. 822 every weekday at 9pm.

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