World Password Day

Oops. How did I miss this last week.
Last Thursday, 7 May 2015 marked the 3rd Annual World Password Day. On that day, Intel Security urges companies and consumers to spend a few minutes considering the importance of passwords in their lives, while resolving to change and improve them. Last year, more than 600 organizations and 32 major brand partners supported World Password Day, promoting better password habits among users.
This blog entry may be a few days late. But its better late than never. Here are some tips and tricks from Intel Security for better online security.
1. Change your passwords regularly
2. Enable multi-factor identification
3. Use unique passwords for every account
4. Don’t casually share your passwords
5. Lock your device with a PIN or password
6. Let a manager memorize your passwords
7. Stop using passwords that are one word
8. Make long and strong passwords

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