Spotify Running

Spotify recently announced a new feature call Spotify Running. Basically it is a running companion that motivate you to push on.
Once you start Spotify Running, the Spotify app will detect your tempo and match the perfect music in tune with your step. It select music using recommendations based on your listening history, multiple-genre playlists and original running compositions written by some of the world’s foremost DJs and composers.

Spotify Running will be availablein Singapore for iPhones and gradually rolled out to all users. I’m still waiting for the feature to appear on my Spotify. Who knows, I might bring it out for a run just to try out.
Oh and that’s not all. Spotify is also teaming up with Nike to bring new music experiences by accessing Spotify Running through Nike+ app later this year. Spotify Running will also be integrated with RunKeeper app later this year. So happy running.

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