Android M to support USB Type-C

Just when we thought Micro-USB will be the standard for all Non-Apple phones, Google just annouced that the new Android M will be supporting USB Type-C. In fact, the next Nexus phone will come with a USB Type-C port instead of the usual Micro-USB port.
But hey, this isn’t that bad. Although USB Type-C isn’t widely supported at the moment, it is expected to be widespread within the next few years. The Type-C does have lots of advantage over the Micro-USB port. It allows you to charge up to three to five times faster. And it also allows your smartphone to charge other device.
And like the Lightning cable, the USB Type-C port works both direction.
Expect to see Micro-USB slowly retire and USB Type-C take over its place. Unfortunately, I don’t think Apple will ever abandon its Lightning port on iPhone and iPad.

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