GoPro just announced the HERO+ LCD, a new low end action camera in the Hero line. I managed to catch a sneak peek at it during CommunicAsia.
Don’t expect any fancy specs here. The GoPro HERO+ LCD shoots video up to a resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per second and photos at 8 Megapixels. Burst mode shoots 5 photos in one second. As the name suggest, there is a LCD touchscreen on the back. It is a slight improvement over the entry level GoPro Hero.
And like all GoPro, the GoPro HERO+ LCD is waterproof up to 40m, has WiFi and Bluetooth built in and supports microSD card up to 64GB. It has a non-removable battery for up to 2 hours recording.
One thing to note is that the HERO+ LCD is built directly into a rugged housing. Which means the camera cannot be removed from the housing. But since the GoPro HERO+ LCD is targeted at entry level consumer, it shouldn’t be a problem.
The GoPro HERO+ LCD will retail at US$299 and go on sale from 7 June 2015. No news on the Singapore pricing and launch date yet.

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