Panasonic showcase 3D Mapping Projectors at BroadcastAsia2015

If you are visiting CommunicAsia2015 or BroadcastAsia2015, you might want to check out the new Tesla Model S at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Level 4.
No, Tesla isn’t one of the exhibitors. Instead, Panasonic is using the Tesla Model S to showcase the 3D mapping capabilities of its projectors. The display utilizes Panasonic’s 20,000 lumen PT-DZ21K projectors, to demonstrate new innovative uses for projection within the rental and staging market.
The projector’s light weight and compact body makes set-up and handling quick and easy. The world’s first and shortest throw lens for 3-Chip DLP projectors, ET-D75LE90 was also used for the project to overcome the limited space at the event.
The electric car is powered by battery cells produced by Panasonic and will be on display from 2-5 June at BroadcastAsia2015 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Level 4.

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