Some thoughts on the SMRT disruptions

Yesterday’s SMRT train disruption must be one of the worst since the beginning of SMRT in 1987. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember the entire NS and EW line going down at the same time before. According to the news report, more than 250,000 people were affected by the 3 hours disruption.
Here’s some of my thoughts regarding the SMRT disruption.
– I guess by now we should be used to having train disruptions. Ever since late 2011, we’ve been getting lots of disruptions. Life goes on. Let’s bear with it while SMRT fix the problems.
– The free shuttle service is not enough to replace the train service. It will definitely be late, slow and fully packed. The free shuttle service are just workaround when the train system is down. If you are not in a hurry, just go a cafe or restaurant and wait for the train service to resume. Don’t expect the free shuttle service to perform like normal train service. They can’t. If they can, we wouldn’t even have a rapid rail system.
– There’s no point getting angry with the SMRT staff on ground. It is not their fault that the train broke down. They are there to help. Most of them are working beyond their official working hours. Scolding them also no use. The train won’t be restored immediately if you scold them. Be nice to them. They are most likely having an equally bad day as you.
– Instead, I think we should thank all the SMRT staff for their hard work last night. The train disruption is a huge inconvenient to everyone. But at least they tried to help. And thanks to the engineers who work though the night to make sure that the train function properly today morning.
– The train disruption shows the best and worst of Singaporeans. We hear stories of how some drivers offered free rides to strangers. Airport staff giving out bottled water to those waiting for train service to be restored. People who brought food and water to the staff deployed to manage the crowd. And there are many other acts of kindness which were unmentioned. Its good to see Singaporeans united during the disruption.
– A train disruption like this affects a lot of Singaporeans. Everyone is on the same boat. We can be nasty and keep complaining throughout the entire disruption. Or we can be kind and help one and other during this difficult time. Everyone wants to get to their destination quickly. No point making it even harder by being a jerk.
– There is no point demanding LTA to fine SMRT. No amount of fine will solve this problem. Instead, it would be better for them to focus their effort on fixing the issue.
– But having said all these, everyone should question if the the Transport Minister, LTA CEO and SMRT CEO should take bigger responsibilities for all these train disruption.

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  1. Prone to corrupt Train Ministers do not have to deal with such breakdowns and are not paid accordingly with taxpayers’ $$$. Any CEO of train company paid more than $2.5 million?

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