McDonald’s SG50 Hello Kitty collectibles

Brace yourself. The McDonald’s Hello Kitty are back. And this time it will most likely be more crazy since it is a special SG50 edition. That means Singapore is going to be the only country in the world to get this edition.
There will be 6 Hello Kitty plush collectibles in this series. The 6 designs are Trishaw Uncle, SG50 Parade, McDonald’s crew, Orchid Lover, Durian Lover and Samsui Woman.
Online sales of the SG50 Hello Kitty Collector’s Set will begin on 20 July 2015 at 11am. Priced at $80, the set includes all 6 Individually packed SG50 Hello Kitty plush collectibles, 1 Limited edition Singapore landscape booklet (includes of 6 paper standees for each plushie,
6 Hello Kitty cards & 1 SG50 Flyer) and 6 Extra Value Meal vouchers worth $5 each.
McDonalds will start selling the plush collectibles individually in store from 27 July, 11am onwards. A new design will be released every Monday at 11am while stock last.
Trishaw Uncle Hello Kitty (From 27 Jul)
SG50 Parade Hello Kitty (From 3 Aug)
McDonald’s Crew Hello Kitty (From 6 Aug)
Orchid Lover Hello Kitty (From 10 Aug)
Durian Lover Hello Kitty (From 17 Aug)
Samsui Woman Hello Kitty (From 24 Aug)

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