Jabra Boost Review

One of the latest bluetooth headset from Jabra to hit Singapore is the Jabra Boost. It may look small but this bluetooth headset is works great.
I was initially sceptical when I saw the size of the device. The microphone is rather far away from my mouth when I put it on my ear. Do I need to speak louder for the bluetooth headset to pick up my voice?
Well, all my doubts about the Jabra Boost were cleared after my first phone call using the bluetooth headset. The other party can hear my voice clearly when I speak normally. Audio quality is pretty good.
Pairing the device with my iPhone 5S is very easy and straight forward. It takes a while to get used to wearing the Jabra Boost. The ergonomically designed ear-gels is comfortable and after a while you’ll almost forget that you are wearing it. The small size makes it less obvious to others that you are wearing a bluetooth headset. Which is good and bad. Good in the sense that people won’t judge you for constantly wearing your bluetooth headset. Bad in the sense that people might think you are talking to yourself when you are on the phone.
iPhone and Android users will be glad to know that the Jabra Boost works with both Siri and Google Now. Now you can keep your smartphone in your pocket and tap the dedicated headset button to activate Siri or Google Now.
The Jabra Boost has an impressive 9 hour talk time battery life and up to 1 year standby time. I didn’t have the opportunity to try out myself since I hardly talk more than 1 hour on the phone per month. Lol.
The Jabra Boost is available in Black, White and Gold colours and retails in Singapore at S$78.


  1. This looks cool. I think it will best use while you are driving and you can just leave it in the car. Does it comes with car charger?

  2. Neo: Nope, it doesn’t come with a car charger. But it uses a MicroUSB port for charging. So just get those normal USB adaptor for car.
    Besides, 9 hours talk time and 1 year standby. Think it will take some time before you need to recharge it.

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