Apple just send out media invites for 9 September, 10am press event at Bill Graham auditorium in San Francisco, California. (10 September, 1am Singapore time)
Asking Siri for hints will only give you funny responses.
Anyway, Apple will most likely be announcing the next iPhone. Will there be more products or services announcement? Well, we will find out on 9 September.

LG just announced a beautiful and elegant portable Keyboard. LG’s Rolly Keyboard folds up along the four rows to create an easy-to-carry stick.
The LG Rolly Keyboard has a 17mm key pitch which is nearly as generous as the 18mm key pitch found on most desktop keyboards. The impact-resistant and durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic gives the keyboard a satisfying tactile feedback.
Unfolding the Rolly Keyboard will power on the device and enable auto pairing to easily connect 2 different device at the same time via Bluetooth 3.0. Just press a shortcut key to toggle between the 2 devices. Rolling the Rolly Keyboard up will automatically power off the device. A single AAA battery powers the keyboard for up to three months of average use.
The Rolly Keyboard will be launched in the US in September. No pricing available yet.

Remember the street art that only shows up when it rains? Rainworks is a message or image on sidewalks all over Seattle that stays hidden when dry and only shows up with the surface is wet.
It is done using a superhydrophobic coating which makes surfaces repel water. Pretty cool stuff.

And here’s the interesting part. The creator of Rainworks is now on Kickstarter to seek funding to manufacture the Rainworks Invisible Spray. Yes. You can now create your own Rainworks in your own city.
The spray is eco-friendly and biodegradable and generally last 2-4 months. You can even remove it with cleaning product and a little bit of scrubbing.
To get the Rainworks Invisible Spray, simply pledge US$25 or more on Kickstarter.
Look forward to seeing your street art on the Rainworks map.

It’s official. Team Superman emerged the winner of the inaugural DC Justice League Run 2015 held today morning at Sentosa. More than 5000 runners turned up sporting the colours and gears in support of their favourite superheroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash.
DC Justice League Run 2015, Event Day Images (photo credit to DC Justice League Run) (4)
In a bid to determine the fastest of the Justice League, sides were taken as participants ran 5 KM to represent their respective superheroes, all but to bring honour and glory to the team. Team Flash supported the fastest superhero of the league, or so they believed; Team Wonder Woman was all about girl power in their allegiance to the Amazonia Princess, Team Batman was outspoken in their support for the Dark Knight, and Team Green Lantern believed in the peacekeeper of the intergalactic Lantern Corps.
DC Justice League Run 2015, Event Day Images (photo credit to DC Justice League Run) (3)
DC Justice League Run 2015, Event Day Images (photo credit to DC Justice League Run) (1)
With an average finisher nett time of 31 mins 10 secs, Team Superman settled the age-old debate by proving that the Last Son of Krypton is indeed worthy of the title.
DC Justice League Run 2015, Event Day Images (photo credit to DC Justice League Run) (9)
DC Justice League Run 2015, Event Day Images (photo credit to DC Justice League Run) (11)
DC Justice League Run 2015, Event Day Images (photo credit to DC Justice League Run) (12)
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Canon just announced the successor to their popular EF35mm f/1.4L USM which was release in 1998.
Slant with cap
The Canon EF35mm f/1.4L II USM is the first model to use Blue Spectrum Refractive optics (BR optics), an optical element capable of achieving a new level of sharpness by reducing chromatic aberration when combined with concave and convex lenses. This enables the lens to render superb image quality and performance, making full use of the brightness of a large aperture.
BR optics is capable of correcting chromatic aberration, thus significantly reducing colour fringing, a common occurrence found in large-diameter lenses. In addition to BR optics, the lens is made up of two aspherical lenses and a UD lens, which helps it achieve high image quality across the entire image frame from edge-to-edge.
The newly designed 9-blade circular aperture is able to produce more attractive bokeh effects. 35mm is a great focal length for both Full Frame and APS-C cropped frame.
The new EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM is expected to be available in Singapore from mid-October 2015. Singapore pricing is not available yet.

Rejoice iOS users. WhatsApp Web is finally available for iPhone users! Yes, after being available for Android, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 EVO, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10, WhatsApp Web is now available for iPhone with iOS 8.1 and above.
For the uninitiated, WhatsApp Web is a computer web based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phone. The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see all messages on both devices. Any action you take on the phone will apply to WhatsApp Web and vice versa.
To use WhatsApp Web, simply go to on your Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari browser. Open WhatsApp on your phone and go to Settings > WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR Code on your computer screen from your phone and you are good to go.