Crowdfunding campaign on Mambo Jambo film

Making a documentary in Singapore is not an easy task. That’s why Dave Tan from Electrico is turning to crowdfunding to support his indie passion project on Mambo Jambo. Blame it on the Boogie follows Zouk management as they attempt to organize the biggest Mambo Jambo Party since it ended in 2012, as it weaves in between the history and stories behind Mambo Jambo through the years, as told by former DJs, management and die hards
Re-live the revolution, with rare anecdotes from celebrities and regulars, and see how this massive party, which crowned kings on the podiums, took on a life of its own, redefined a genre of music in Singapore and became the phenomenon that moved generations with one dance.
The film’s finale will be shot on location at Zouk on 8 August 2015. This documentary come at a perfect timing when Zouk is bidding farewell to its Jiak Kim Street home in May next year. The 24 years old nightspot will be moving to Block C of Clarke Quay.
Majority of the money from the crowdfunding will go to purchasing music rights. Even though some of these songs are more than 30 years old, the music rights are still pretty expensive. And it quite impossible to make a film about Mambo without these songs in it.
So if you are a huge fan of Mambo, head down to and help make this film possible.

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