Singapore General Election is coming

In case you haven’t seen the local news, Singapore’s 12th Parliament has been dissolved. Which means Bo Zheng Hu Lor! (No Government)
Nomination date is set on 1 September and Polling date is on 11 September. Cooling Day is on 10 September. Since September 11 falls on a Friday, it will be a public holiday.
Do note that voting is compulsory for all eligible Singapore citizens. You must go to your allocated polling station on Polling Day to cast your vote. If you do not vote in the election, your name will be removed from the register of electors and you will not be allowed to vote in subsequent presidential or parliamentary election. You will also be disqualified from being a candidate at any subsequent presidential or parliamentary election.
You can submit an application to the Registration Officer with an explanation as to why you did not vote to restore your name in the register of electors. A fee of S$50 will be imposed if you do not have a valid or sufficient reason for not voting.
Some of the valid reasons are:
– working overseas (including being on a business trip) at the time of the poll;
– studying overseas at the time of the poll;
– living with your spouse who is working or studying overseas;
– overseas vacation; and
– illness, or delivering a baby.
So remember to vote on 11 September unless you have a valid reason.
Oh by the way. The Returning Officer for the General Election is Mr Ng Wai Choong. No more Mr Yam Ah Mee.

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