LG Rolly Keyboard

LG just announced a beautiful and elegant portable Keyboard. LG’s Rolly Keyboard folds up along the four rows to create an easy-to-carry stick.
The LG Rolly Keyboard has a 17mm key pitch which is nearly as generous as the 18mm key pitch found on most desktop keyboards. The impact-resistant and durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic gives the keyboard a satisfying tactile feedback.
Unfolding the Rolly Keyboard will power on the device and enable auto pairing to easily connect 2 different device at the same time via Bluetooth 3.0. Just press a shortcut key to toggle between the 2 devices. Rolling the Rolly Keyboard up will automatically power off the device. A single AAA battery powers the keyboard for up to three months of average use.
The Rolly Keyboard will be launched in the US in September. No pricing available yet.

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