Workers' Party rally at Bedok Stadium

Wednesday evening was the last day of campaigning. The Workers’ Party held their rally at Bedok Stadium, near the hotly contested Feng Shan SMC and East Coast GRC. Like all Workers’ Party rally, there were lots of people. The stadium was almost full packed.
This photo was taken at around 9pm.
And bear in mind that there were no chartered buses or free Nasi Lemak for supporters attending the rally. They came from all over Singapore to support the WP. The whole stadium is so crowded that it’s quite difficult for me to take photos. Can hardly see the candidates even with my 70-200mm on 1.6 Crop sensor.
A lot of focus were put on the East Coast GRC and Feng Shan SMC candidates. There is a high chance that they might win these seats from the PAP. I wish them all the best!
Mr Low Thia Khiang is the last speaker for the evening. I love the Workers’ Party slogan. Empower your future. That is what the election is about.
Supporters from around the island came to Bedok Stadium to support the team. They came prepared with flags, placards and even inflatable hammer.
Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men?
The rally ended with everyone reciting the Singapore pledge. The supporters keep chanting “Workers’ Party” as they slowly make their way out of the stadium. It went on non-stop for at least 20 minutes.
Today is polling day. Vote wisely everyone.

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