Cheers to 35

Oh wow. Another year passed. Another year older. Here’s to 35!
Photo 3-10-15, 1 07 12 AM
I always say that I’m blessed with good bosses in my career. I also said that I’m lucky to have good health despite not taking good care of my body. Well, I guess luck will eventually run out if you live for 35 years. I fell sick for almost the entire June recently. Don’t remember ever being sick for so long. And as for work wise, let’s just say I’m trying to transfer department ever since we got a new boss.
Well, I also always say that one day I might get knock down by a car suddenly and stay in hospital. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Maybe I should stop cursing myself. But I did say that one day I might win the Toto $5 million grand prize alone. So let’s hope that happen really soon. Lol.
Anyway, things will happen if it wants to happen. Not everything is in our control. So give me coffee to change things that I can and wine (or beer) to accept the things that I can’t.

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