Power trip can damage fibre ONT

Had a power trip at home recently. OK, power trips are uncommon but they are usually non-events. All we need to do is to flip the switch back at the circuit breaker.
But this time round it was slightly different. The power trip damaged my fibre Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Tried restarting my ONT and router several times but there’s no lights on the PON (Passive Optical Network) indicator. Which means I have no internet at home. *horror*
Photo 6-10-15, 9 54 03 PM
PS: I hang my ONT on the wall to save space. Lol.
Well, luckily I managed to get the ONT changed the next day. Plug in the new ONT and peace was restored at home once again.
I’ve always heard that power trip might damage your electrical appliances. But this is the first time I encountered it personally. And totally didn’t expect my ONT to be affected. I thought things my iMac or NAS are more likely to be damaged by power trip.
Well, good thing it is just the ONT that was damaged. Got it replaced for free since I’m still under contract for my fibre plan. Let’s hope we don’t get power trip again.
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