Review: Jaybird X2 Bluetooth sports earphones

I’m a huge fan of Bluetooth earphones. They are great for enjoying music from your smartphone while on the move. That’s why I’m excited when Jaybird send me their latest X2 Bluetooth earphone for review.
Firstly, the Jaybird X2 looks beautiful. Comes in bright colours like Charge (Neon), Fire (bright red) and Ice (blue), its hard to miss someone wearing it. The earphone comes with a beautiful sport silicone carry case that for all the ear tips and accessories. And Jaybird is pretty generous with the accessories that comes bundled with the earphone.
The X2 comes with 3 different size standard silicon ear tips and Premium Comply foam sport tips that are exclusively designed for Jaybird X2 for delivering maximum noise isolation, fit, and comfort. It also comes with Jaybird’s patented redesigned ergonomic ear fins. I haven’t got the opportunity to wear the Jaybird X2 out for a run due to the haze (Ya right, excuses!). For normal day to day usage, the standard ear tip is good enough. If you are wearing the X2 for sports, then the Comply foam sport tips and ear fins will come in handy.
The Jaybird X2 earphone housing is designed to allow user to wear it under-ear or over-ear. Personally I prefer to wear the X2 under-ear but some runners like to wear it over-ear. It comes with a cord management clip that allows you to reduce the cord length if required.
Sound quality on the Jaybird X2 is pretty fantastic. Jaybird developed its own codec for decoding the audio with an enhanced bit rate. This produce crystal clear audio that can compete with a good wired headphone.
The Jaybird X2 is sweat resistance and great for workout. It is also great for everyday use. There is a mic at the volume control for making phone calls. Audio quality is good. I tried making a few phone calls and the other party didn’t even know that I’m using a Bluetooth earphone.
But perhaps the best thing about the Jaybird X2 is the battery life. This thing is small yet they are able to pack enough battery for around 8 hours of usage. Pretty impressive.
The Jaybird X2 is now available in Singapore at recommended retail price of S$259. It’s a bit on the expensive side but definitely worth the investment.

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