Pocket MapleStory coming to Singapore

Good news to all MapleStory fans n Southeast Asia. The mobile version of the popular MMORPG, Pocket MapleStory will be coming to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines soon.
Pocket MapleStory Sea 1
Pocket MapleStory SEA will be published through Asiasoft and serviced by its gaming portal, Playpark. The game achieved the number one spot on the Top Free Games charts in Google Play and iTunes App Store within the first week of launch in Korea.
Pocket MapleStory Sea 3
The game features faster game advancement and real-time co-op modes optimized for mobile devices. At launch, Pocket MapleStory SEA will feature three of the most popular classes from the franchise, the Demon Slayer, Dual Blade and Angelic Buster, with more characters lined up for release in later phases of the game development. Players will also encounter beloved NPCs, monsters, and pets from the original adventure.
Angelic Buster
Pre-registration for Pocket MapleStory SEA will be open in December this year. Follow Pocket MapleStory SEA Facebook page for the latest update.

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