It's time to stop STOMP-ing

This appeared on STOMP recently.
According to the STOMP article, the photo was taken at around 5.45am on the Circle line from Bishan towards Harbourfront. The elderly man had to sit on a ledge as a lady in SMRT uniform was occupying the Reserved Seat with her bag.
Firstly, it is 5.45am. It is usually quite empty on the Circle Line at this hour. I’m sure there are a lot of other free seat.
Also, the STOMPer could have given up his seat to the elderly man. If the STOMPer is seated opposite the SMRT employee, then his seat should also be a Reserved Seat. Even if it is not a Reserved Seat, it is always good to give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you.
Lastly, and most importantly, the STOMPer could have just ask the SMRT employee to shift her bag so that the elderly man can sit there. What’s the point of taking photo and sending it to STOMP?
This is not the first time someone send stupid things to STOMP. Last year, someone send a photo of a NSF not giving up his seat to an elderly lady. But in actual fact, there is an empty seat just few seats away.
I think it is time to stop STOMP-ing. STOMP is cultivating a very bad behaviour. If you see something wrong, step forward and fix it. Speak up or do something about it. What’s the point taking photo and sending it to STOMP?

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