This is not the October 21, 2015 from Back To The Future 2

26 years ago, the world had a glimpse of the future through Back To The Future 2. Yes, I know it is a Hollywood movie. But 26 years ago, many people thought that the 2015 in the movie might become the real thing. After all, we all thought we’ll be driving flying cars and skating around the neighbourhood on our Hoverboard.
But this is not the October 21, 2015 from Back To The Future.
We don’t have Hoverboard. I know many people tried making a Hoverboard ever since the movie. But all of them require a special flooring to work. In short, it is not feasible.
We don’t have flying cars too. Flying car is not new in movies. Before Back To The Future, there were many movies that envision that we will be driving flying cars too. But perhaps it is good that we don’t have flying cars. We are already having problem regulating the use of drones. Imagine cars flying around. The sky is going to be a mess. And what if there is an accident? Will we have cars falling down from the sky?
I know there are still people out there researching and perfecting flying cars. But perhaps flying cars are never meant to be for the future. Instead, I think driverless car is the way to go. Imagine the road filled with driverless cars. Since there’s no human controlling the car, there is no accidents. Driverless cars are able to communicate with other cars near them and inform them their intention of changing lanes. In fact, driverless cars can all travel at high speed without fear of collision. So forget about flying cars. Driverless cars is the future. And we are not far away from that. Google and several car makers are already testing their version of driverless car.
And we didn’t get Jaws 19 (luckily). The 3 sequels to Jaws were bad. Really bad. We did have 3D although it wasn’t as good as the shark that pop out and “attack” Marty. But you need to wear 3D glasses for that. I doubt 3D will be popular. Back To The Future 2 did correctly predicted flat screen TV that can be hang on the wall. And I’m glad that our TV has better resolution that those in the movie. We don’t view 6 channels at the same time like what Marty Jr did. But we do get distracted with mobile phones and tablets while watching TV.
Speaking of mobile phones, one thing that Back To The Future 2 didn’t see it coming is the rise of smartphone. There is also no evidence of the Internet in the movie. In fact, if Back To The Future 2 were to happen now, then Marty Jr wouldn’t even need to meet Griff at the Cafe 80’s. They can just talk through social networking sites or Instant Messengers.
And we hardly use Fax Machine anymore. Lol. It’s hard to imagine having a Fax Machine in every room.
Back To The Future 2 interestingly predicted that flying drones covering news. While that is slowly becoming a reality, one thing they missed is the way we consume news. If someone crash into the Hill Valley Clock Tower, the news will most likely be all over social media first.
We do have biometric door lock but it is not common yet. We use voice recognition command to control many things. It is not as good as Back To The Future 2 but it is constantly improving. We do not have robots walking our dogs or moving trash can. And we definitely don’t have dehydrated pizza although I wish that will really happen some day.
One thing that I’m glad that the writers were totally wrong is the fashion of 2015. I can’t imagine myself wearing something like what Griff and gang were wearing. Or having pockets inside out. That’s just bizarre. However it would be great to have power lacing shoes and self fitting, self drying jackets.
Back To The Future 2 got a lot of things wrong. But I’m glad they were wrong. Because our version of October 21, 2015 is better than the movie. Welcome to the Future.


  1. This is a great topic you have covered here, all the hoverboards you have shared are also awesome.

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