PlayStation VR first public hands on in South East Asia at GameStart 2015

Visitors to GameStart 2015 are in for a treat. For the first time in South East Asia, visitors will be able to try the PlayStation VR headset peripheral.
Previously known as Project Morpheus (which is a much cooler name), PlayStation VR transport the player into an impressive virtual world. As the player’s head rotates, the image of the world will also rotate naturally and intuitively in real time. By utilizing 3D audio technology, sounds that players hear will also change in real-time depending on their head orientation within the 360-degree virtual space.
There are several demos available at GameStart 2015 such as The Deep, Kitchen, Playroom VR, The London Heist etc. Oh, and fans of Hatsune Miku can also attend her virtual concert and wave their PlayStation Move Motion Controller together with the audience. Pretty cool.
The PlayStation VR is expected to be launch in the first half of 2016.

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