LEVIT8: Flat Folding Portable Standing Desk

I’ve transferred to a new department recently and we practice hot desking. This means I have no fixed table. It’s kinda cool cause I get to change my environment every now and then.
Sometimes I like to sit at the pantry where there is a high table. But instead of sitting, I spend most of my time standing. It’s a good change after sitting for too long. And some people were saying that standing desk has health benefits.
But it is not everyday that you find a high table. And some high table (especially those adjustable ones) can be really expensive. That’s why I was kinda excited when I saw LEVIT8 on Kickstarter.
LEVIT8 is a flat folding standing desk that gives user the freedom of transforming any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk quickly anytime, anywhere. There’s no multiple parts or difficult assembly process. LEVIT8 utilises an age-old box-twist folding technique. So with a simple twist and fold, it flattens so you can easily tuck it away into our shelf or bag.
LEVIT8 is so sturdy that it can support more than 5 15 inch Macbook Pros. That’s more than 10kg. Impressive. And it’s pretty lightweight and portable.
Check out LEVIT8 if you want to enjoy the benefit of a standing desk without high cost. Simply pledge US$32 and you’ll receive one LEVIT8 as reward. Oh, and its a Singapore company. Another reason for you to support them.

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