Uber surge pricing during SMRT train disruption

The train broke down yesterday morning during rush hour. It was a horrible timing. Everyone is on the way to work and there was a 2 hour disruption on the North South Line between Yishun and Bishan stations.
As usual, the free shuttle bus service was unable to cope with the large number of commuters. If the free shuttle bus service was able to cope, then we won’t need to have train already.
Some people reported that Uber was having a surge price during the disruption. The surge price went as high as 3.9 times the normal rate. Naturally, there were lots of complains.
For the uninitiated, Uber increase their rates when there is a high demand. This is to encourage more drivers to become available and ensure you get a Uber even when there is high demand.
Uber is not a charity organisation or government agency. It is not related to SMRT or SBS. It does not need to provide national duty when the train breaks down. It has every rights to increase the price when the train breakdown.
In fact, it is good that Uber has a price surge when there is a high demand. This is especially good for people who are in a hurry and money is not an issue. If Uber don’t have a price surge, they will most likely end up being fully booked like all the Taxi companies. At least we have an alternative if we are really in a hurry.
And come on. Nobody force you to take Uber during the price surge. The price surge amount is clearly displayed on screen before you book for an Uber. You can always reject and go try your luck getting a cab. So even though I most likely won’t be taking an Uber when there is a 3.9 times price surge, it is good to know that Uber is still available if you are in a real hurry.

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