Turris Omnia: hi-performance & open-source router on Indiegogo

Turris Omnia is a powerful open source router currently seeking crowd funding on Indiegogo.
The 1.6GHz dual core ARM CPU router runs on free Operating System based on OpenWrt. There’s a lot of things that the Turris Omnia can do. There is a built in virtual server which you can use for your software without risk to the main system. It can also be turn into a backup server and NAS. And if connections is very important for you, you can insert a SIM card so that you are always connected.
And since your router is always on, the Turris Omnia consume very little energy. The board itself consumes around 5-6 W. Board with wifi cards should be below 8 W.

The Turris Omnia is now on Indiegogo. Pledge US$99 for the board only without cover or US$189 for the full router with WIFI and casing.

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