Marina Bay Countdown 2016

I thought I told myself that I’m not shooting New Years Eve fireworks again. It’s like a toxic relationship. You know you are going to wait long hours, squeeze here and there and have a hard time leaving the place because it is too crowded. And the photos most likely won’t turn out great since they fire a lot of fireworks and the entire sky will be smoked out after a few shots.
But you still go back year after year. I don’t know why.
And to make things worse this year, it decided to rain before the fireworks. Luckily I brought along a disposable poncho and rain cover for my camera.
Decided to camp out at Marina Bay Sands side this year near the Art Science Museum. The crowd only start forming after 8 plus due to the on and off rain. The crowd control at MBS was horrible. They closed all the doors and left just 2 open. I don’t know the logic behind that. There a huge crowd and they are forced to use just 2 exits at the 2 corner of MBS. If there is a stampede I think a lot of people will be injured.
I managed to capture some nice reflection shots just before the fireworks thanks to the windless night.
Not sure what’s the special occasion this year but the New Year Eve’s fireworks lasted for 8 minutes. I must say this is one of the nicer fireworks I’ve seen. But as usual, the whole area starts to get fully smoked out after a while. And it doesn’t help that there isn’t much wind. But still managed to get a few good shots.
The fireworks were a bit too high. Didn’t bother adjusting my camera cause I know my 1.6 crop factor Canon 60D with 11-16mm Tokina lens will not be able to capture everything no matter how I adjust it. Oh well. Maybe I should get a full frame with fish eye lens next time. Or stand further back.
The whole place is so smoky after the fireworks that it actually looks good on camera. But I’m too tired so I only took a few shots handheld.
Surprisingly, the crowd managed to clear pretty fast this year. Deep down inside, I’m telling myself this is the last time I’m shooting fireworks on New Year Eve. But something tells me that I’ll be there again.

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