Apple increasing prices of apps in Singapore due to currency exchange

If there’s an app that you have been eyeing in the Apple App Store, now is the time to buy it. Apple will be increasing the prices of apps in Singapore due to currency exchange rates.
Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, South Africa and Mexico will also be seeing an increase in the apps prices in their currency.
Apple first started charging Singapore currency in the the Singapore App Store in June 2012. The currency exchange rates has changed quite a bit now.
The current rate is S$1.28 for a US$0.99 app. But the current currency exchange rate for US$0.99 is around S$1.42. So it is natural for Apple to increase the app pricing.
The new price for a US$0.99 app in the Singapore App Store will be S$1.48. You can see the new pricing here.
The new rates will be implemented soon. So hurry and grab that app you have been wanting to buy for the longest time.

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